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The bluffer’s guide to the WWW trilogy

by Rob - September 28th, 2010.
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I recently had cause to introduce a publicist to my current trilogy of Wake, Watch, and Wonder, and created the cheat sheet below so he could quickly come up to speed the books:

First, you should watch the three book trailers:

Here’s a synopsis of the first book, Wake:

And a press release for it:

And the opening chapters:

Watch: http:

And review excerpts:


We have a Facebook account for Caitlin Decter, the main character of the books:

And a book-club discussion guide for Wake:

And a good recent radio inteview (Dallas NPR):

And a video lecture given at Google on the science behind the novels:

Robert J. Sawyer online:

5 Responses to The bluffer’s guide to the WWW trilogy

  1. Or they could, you know, read the books. Unless that’s dark heresy in this Age of ADHD we seem to be in. What is it with people needing cheat sheets these days?

  2. Saludos desde el norte de México.
    Sus historias son fascinantes. ¿En qué editorial publica en español?

    Gracias por su amable atención.

  3. Saludos, Melva! :)

    Some of my books are in Spanish, but not yet WAKE, WATCH, or WONDER.

  4. Good (place your preferred deity or lack thereof here)! Why wouldn’t you want to read them?!!!

    WWW:onderful! This is what science fiction should do. It should make you wake, watch and wonder. It should cause you to reason! his is why I started reading science fiction. Thank you Robert! I look forward, with anticipation, to Wonder.

    China who?

  5. *this is why (if you read the books then…)

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