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Happy Birthday, Caitlin Decter

by Rob - October 6th, 2010.
Filed under: Wake, Watch.

Fourteen years ago today — October 6, 1996 — in Houston, Texas, a girl named Caitlin Doreen Decter was born to parents Barbara and Malcolm Decter.

Sadly, mom and dad soon discovered that young Caitlin is blind. But my flashforward — an appropriate thing to have on October 6! — tells me that in just a couple of years, Caitlin will be recognized as a mathematical genius, and that she will change the world.

Her story is told in the books Wake, Watch, and the forthcoming Wonder, and you can get your own glimpse of her future in this short film.

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  1. Happy birthday, Caitlin! :-D

  2. Talking about watch, wake… Did you see this?:

    (and happy birthday Cait :D)

  3. H’B’day Caitlin–You most certainly ARE made of Awesome!

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