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Lightwedge Verso ebook light

by Rob - October 20th, 2010.
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E-ink devices are not backlit, so if you want to read in the dark, you need a light source. Lightwedge’s Verso ebook light is one option.

The “technical specifications” for this light, as listed on the Amazon catalog page, include: “Flexible neck adjusts to eliminate reflection or glare.” So it’s ironic that the flexible neck is made out of highly reflective metal: the single biggest source of glare and visual distraction while reading is the light reflecting off of its own supporting neck. Yes, you can spend time fiddling so that the neck is out of view, but making the neck out of flat black material, or sheathing it in rubber tubing, would have avoided the issue altogether.

Also, obviously, a light like this will often be used in bed, and the goal is not to disturb one’s partner. All well and good WHILE you’re using the light — but when it comes time to shut it off, your partner will be disturbed by the loud mechanical CLICK the on/off switch makes. Again, there’s no need for this; a silent, soft-action switch would have done the trick.

Finally, it would have been nice if the clip were a bit wider. It *precisely* covers the “Amazon Kindle” logo at the top of the device if you position it EXACTLY dead center; otherwise, the logo is only partially covered, and it makes the whole thing look a bit slapdash. The catalog page says this device is specifically designed for the Kindle, but in fact it’s a generic ebook light, as this final little design flaw makes clear (and as the retail packaging plainly states — it lists a bunch of compatible readers).

The light otherwise serves its purpose well. doesn’t stock this light in graphite (gray/black), but I recommend you get that version. It perfectly matches the color of the new graphite Kindles, and, even if you don’t have one of those, better to have a dark-colored clip so that light isn’t reflecting off it into your eyes. You can get the graphite-colored lamp (with only one set of batteries, instead of the two Amazon advertises) on eBay. Search for “Lightwedge Verso eReader Light for Sony Reader PRS-600” and you’ll find the one that matches the color of graphite Kindles.

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  1. Hey Rob, have you considered getting one of the “Kindle Lighted Leather Cover”? I’ve had my Kindle for a few weeks and the lighted cover works very well. It uses the Kindle battery so there is no need to buy disposables.

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