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Fourth consecutive Main Selection of the SFBC!

by Rob - November 29th, 2010.
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W00t! Senior Editor Rome Quezada at the Science Fiction Book Club has just picked up my next novel WWW: Wonder, coming in April 2011, as a Main Selection of the Club. This is the fourth consecutive main selection I’ve had: Rollback, Wake, Watch, and Wonder. Needless to say, I’m thrilled. (In total, 12 of my novels have been SFBC selections now.)

WWW: Watch — the concluding volume of my WWW trilogy — comes out in April 2011.

(“Main Selections” are the two books you get sent automatically each month if you’re a member of the Club, unless you decline a particular month’s titles in advance.)

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12 Responses to Fourth consecutive Main Selection of the SFBC!

  1. Just wondering if this will be coming out in audio format about the same time. I am WWWaiting.

  2. Absolutely! And with the same terrific cast led by Jessica Almasy and Marc Vietor. The audiobook will be simultaneous with the hardcover in April 2011.

  3. I’m very pleased with the productions of my books.

  4. Shouldn’t the body read WWW:Wonder rather than

    WWW:Watch— the concluding volume of my WWW trilogy — comes out in April 2011.

    I so wanna buy Watch, but i hate hardcover… Plus i want one to match the paperback version of Wake that I have already (read it in asimovs or analog a while back, but bought it just like I did with the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy)

  5. April’s too far…..

  6. Your blog would be much easier to read if it were left-aligned rather than centred.

  7. Gak, Susan! Many thanks! I had a broken HTML tag in the entry preceding this one; Firefox and Safari were interpreting it just fine regardless, but Internet Explorer had ignored it altogether. It’s fixed now! THANK YOU!

  8. Given the events of the past week, it looks like this blog entry is no longer valid. It’s a pity; I would have loved to get the title from the SFBC, but, since it no longer exists…

  9. David, the Science Fiction Book Club is alive and well in the United States (where it has always been headquatered); it’s just the Canadian licensee that’s gone out of business.

  10. Hi – I really loved the first two volumes (as I have every book of yours I’ve read). Will you posting chapters from Wonder as you did for Watch?

  11. Yes, indeed, Gary, I’ll be posting sample chapters shortly; we’re just finishing up the proofreading of the typesetting this week — meaning we at last have the final version of the text. As soon as I find a moment after that, I’ll put up sample chapters of WONDER.

  12. On two counts, I am with TonyD above: hate hardcover and want to match the paperback version of Wake.

    Yes, I know: I am cheap.

    Or not. Please allow me to point out the inherent antagonism associated with trilogies, or rather with their publication. In short, they are bad for the author, bad for the readers, and bad for the publishers.

    Bad for the author and the publisher, because many readers will not buy hardcover versions of part one and two, maybe only three. Bad for the readers, because of the excruciating waiting time involved. Especially if they want paperback copies of all three to match each other as well as all of Rob’s other books.

    Yes, one could have bought the hardcover of Wake, then there wouldn’t be a mismatching problem. But Rob’s other books are no longer available in hardcover, so the problem still persists. Or one could just wait one more year until Wonder is also available in paperback.

    And that leads us to the problem of excruciating waiting time. A trilogy, if designed to be so from the beginning, as is apparently the case with WWW, is a single irreducible entity. And as such, it is best to read it in “one sitting”. Two year-long gaps between parts might just ruin the experience. And for that reason, this reader will start reading Wake in April.

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