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Best fan letter ever

by Rob - December 13th, 2010.
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Recently received:

This is a heart-felt “thank you” arriving seven months late. It took months of reading and re-reading WWW: Watch to put together words that can express my moment of ecstasy of reading that book, and the warmth that has stayed with me since.

Upon absorbing the conversation between Dr. Kuroda and Caitlin pertaining to recent Japanese history and its implications, I literally jumped out of bed and started calling friends in dazed excitement, attempting to babble out my delight.

Those lovely passages presented something I have long searched for and have nearly despaired of ever finding. In this complicated and frequently depressing world, with history seeming to revolve through endless cycles of human misery, it is rare to find a fresh idea that offers hope and delight, and rarer still for that beautiful idea to come with evidence that really convinces the heart and mind, and moves someone to say: “yes, it’s true, we really can become better people, here is why — we have done it before.”

I’ve heard of the expressions “answer to a prayer” and “a life-changing book” but have never experienced it directly before. The world was brighter to my eyes for having read your work. Those passages of yours, firmly planted in me, have been a flowing source of bubbling optimism since, and is the reason I can look to the future and believe that we will build a world with less suffering. I just wanted you to know that this “thank-you” will be on-going.

[Signed], a happier person because of you.

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  1. Hi,

    I just finished both Wake and Watch and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them both – and am anxiously awaiting the final book in the trilogy.

    I also enjoyed the conversation with Dr. Kuroda and Caitlin pertaining to recent Japanese history/implications as did your other fan above.

    The writing is amazing – I learned about history, technology, neuroscience and felt moved by the characters all at once.


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