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by Rob - January 19th, 2011.
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For those who’d pre-ordered WWW: Wonder through (the Canadian Amazon), Amazon was mistakenly listing the American edition. They’ve now cancelled those orders, but unfortunately didn’t refer buyers to the Canadian edition. If you want to pre-order Wonder from, this link will do the trick.

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  1. I hope it is okay to ask a question here. I’m almost finished Watch (and your books have been keeping me up until 1:30 AM for two nights now!), and was wondering something.

    At the end of Chapter 40, Hume asks “I wonder if Conway is still alive?” Do you mean my graduate school adviser, Lynn Conway, who with Mead developed VLSI design? If so I’d like to tell her that she was mentioned in a science fiction novel! :)

    Thanks in advance! – Charles

  2. Hi, Charles. I’m afraid not. The reference is to John Conway, whose work is first mentioned in the trilogy in Chapter 26 of volume 1, WAKE. Conway’s “Game of Life” famously demonstrated complex emergent behavior from cellular automata responding to very simple iterative rules.


  3. Ah, right, I remember now. So close! Thanks for responding.

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