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Upcoming US releases

by Rob - March 25th, 2011.
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Over the next 13 months, I have eight new U.S. editions of books by me coming out (all are Ace, except the MINDSCAN and HUMANS reissues, which are Tor):

WATCH mass-market paperback: April 2011

WONDER hardcover: April 2011

THE TERMINAL EXPERIMENT mass-market paperback: September 2011

HUMANS mass-market paperback: October 2011

MINDSCAN trade paperback: December 2011

ILLEGAL ALIEN mass-market paperback: January 2012

WONDER mass-market paperback: April 2012

TRIGGERS hardcover: April 2012

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7 Responses to Upcoming US releases

  1. Triggers is a new book?

  2. Yes, TRIGGERS is a standalone novel, my first new book after the WWW trilogy.

  3. Are there plans for a WONDER audio book?

    “Read” the first two that way but am really eager to find out what happens next!

  4. Ken, the WONDER audio book — featuring the same cast as WAKE and WATCH — will be out in April from :)

  5. Any hints/clues you can drop with respect to Triggers? …please.

  6. Can you give us a hint, blurb or tagline about Triggers? I seem to remember a post a few months ago about how your next project would be something of a thriller/procedural after your experience working on the flashforward TV show.

  7. I am currently listening to Wonder via the audible audiobook. I have to say, the cast is wonderful and the book is so enjoyable. I love the little twist of Webmind’s choice of a voice. I laughed and laughed at the somewhat meta reference.

    I love these books. As always, witty, brilliant and thought-provoking.

    Your fan,


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