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by Rob - June 26th, 2011.
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I’ve been pretty lax about updating this blog. I’m much more active on Facebook these days. But I’m getting close to the 5,000-person limit for Friends there. I happily friend my readers, so if you’d like to send me a friend request, please do. My Facebook wall is here.

Here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing if you’re not there: the top-level Wall postings by me from the last four days; for many, spirited discussions ensued.

I’m glad I turned down THE GLOBE AND MAIL’s request that I review ROBOPOCALYPSE, since the fellow they got to review it instead says he prefers my WWW trilogy (see last two paragraphs). :)

Wonderful evening with Bram Stoker award-winner Edo Van Belkom, Robi Di Maio, and their son Luke.

I thought I didn’t have DVDs of the PLANET OF THE APES films anymore — only Blu-ray copies — then I remembered they were hidden inside a bust of Caesar.

SCI-FI BULLETIN reviews WWW: WONDER: “The conclusion to one of the best SF trilogies of modern times.”

Just read PODKAYNE OF MARS, a 1963 novel by Robert A. Heinlein, for the first time. Yes, books should be judged by the standards of their times, but his portrayal of a teenage girl struck me as both sexist and sexually creepy. I wouldn’t go so far as this Amazon reviewer — a book isn’t bad simply because it says things I find objectionable — but the reviewer does a good job of enumerating the problems: “No option for “negative” numbers of…” a review of: Podkayne of Mars

To commemorate the passing of Peter Falk, and in honor of the fact that I saw Leonard Nimoy in person last month at Phoenix Comicon, watched the “A Stitch in Crime” episode of COLUMBO tonight, in which Nimoy guest stars as a murderous surgeon.

My upcoming appearances, including my Worldcon programming schedule.

Finished watching PROBE, the pilot for SEARCH (NBC 1972), on DVD from Warner Archives. It looked fabulous, and I still love, love, love the PROBE Control set; to me, it’s one of the handful of great science-fiction sets (others being the original ENTERPRISE bridge and the centrifuge from 2001). Here’s a grainy version of the opening credits; the DVD is much sharper and more colorful.

In honor of Peter Falk: Sunday Mystery Movie Opening:

Rest in peace, Peter Falk, the star of COLUMBO.

Just sold an op-ed piece to the OTTAWA CITIZEN on life prolongation; my seventh commissioned op-ed for them. I’ll post a note here when it runs.

One-hour podcast roundtable for writers: Colonizing New Markets with Robert J. Sawyer, Scott Sigler, and Nathan Lowell, hosted by John Mierau

I just want to say that I live in Mississauga, not Toronto: “Rob Ford Snubs Gay Pride Parade: Toronto Mayor Under Fire For Choosing Cottage Instead” —

New Canadian online zine CanCulture — about Canadian Culture — reviews the WWW trilogy

When PROBE, the pilot film for SEARCH, first aired in 1972, Hugh O’Brian was 47; Burgess Meredith was 64, Angel Tompkins was 29, and Sir John Gielgud was 68. Except for Angel, they were all playing younger characters (Gielgud’s character was 53, given the on-air stated birthdate of 1919).

Interesting discussion about charging for author events. This came up during my WONDER book tour, when Penguin Canada booked me into a few venues that had admission charges. There are no easy answers.

Robert J. Sawyer online:

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