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Worldcon day one

by Rob - August 24th, 2006.
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Lunch with Amy Sisson and her husband, NASA scientist Paul Abell. Sat with Mike Moscoe at the Analog/Asimov’s table, hustling subscriptions, then at the Edge Press table, helping to sell J. Brian Clarke’s The Alphanauts, for which I did the introduction. Moderated a very lively and entertaining panel entitled “You Are Responsible For Your Own Career.” Spent some time hanging out in the green room with my Tor editor, David G. Hartwell. Went to a reception for the writers in the evening, and hung out in the SFWA suite for a while with Robert Silverberg, Allen Steele, and Joe and Gay Haldeman, then lots of party-hopping. All in all, L.A. Con IV is off to a great start.

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