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Time to move into the 21st Century

by Rob - December 26th, 2005.
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The problem with being an early adopter is you sometimes get stuck in old ways of doing things. I like to say I’ve had a blog since long before such things were fashionable, and, indeed, since 1990, I’ve been posting regular online updates about my career, first in CompuServe’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Forum (the command “GO SAWYER” would take you there from anywhere on CompuServe), then for a while also on GEnie, and, later, on my own website at — you can find update posts there going back to 1999.

But creating blog posts by hand with an ASCII editor seems a roundabout way of doing it these days, and so I’m switching to Blogger (although the blog will still be physically hosted on my website).

I’m going to start 2006 with this new version of my blog. For those looking for older posts, they’re still available on my website:

If you’re looking for blog entries related to the Rob and Bob Tour — the fourteen days Robert J. Sawyer and Robert Charles Wilson spent on the road together in the spring of 2005, promoting their novels Mindscan and Spin — those entries are here and here.

So, to the future!  Happy New Year, everyone!

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