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November 18-20 in Toronto: the Canadian National Science Fiction Convention

by Rob - November 6th, 2011.
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If you’re in or near Toronto and have never been to a science-fiction convention, give this one a try: SFContario 2, Friday evening, November 18, through late Saturday afternoon, November 20.

First, it’s got great guests: Aurora Award-winning Canadian hard-SF writer and foresight specialist Karl Schroeder, Hugo and Campbell Award-winning SF writer John Scalzi, and Year’s Best editor Gardner Dozois — plus senior Tor Books editor David G. Hartwell and his coeditor of the other major Year’s Best, Kathryn Cramer, and Canadian editors/publishers Virginia O’Dine (Bundoran Press) and Sandra Kasturi and Brett Alexander Savory (CZP), and Canadian authors galore including Hugo winner Robert J. Sawyer, Aurora winners Julie E. Czerneda, Hayden Trenholm, Randy McCharles, and Douglas Smith, Aurora nominee Marie Bilodeau, and many more.

Second, it’s the Canadian National Science Fiction convention this year (“the CanVention”), and the Aurora Awards will be presented there.

Third, it’s got parties! All convention attendees are welcome at them, so come out and have fun.

It will be fun, informative, and a great networking opportunity. Join us!

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