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Mississauga Life interview and review

by Rob - March 20th, 2012.
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Mississauga Life, a glossy magazine in Mississauga (Canada’s sixth-largest city, and where I live), has a lengthy, meaty interview with me in its March-April 2012 issue, as well as a wonderful review of Triggers, which says in part:

Triggers is congruent with the best science-fiction in that it’s not about blasters, but about issues and social commentary. Sawyer’s new novel falls right into line with the kinds of things he’s always written about: it’s an exploration of a part of consciousness — in this case, memory — packaged in an entertaining story. His prose is as clear and sharp as ever. But he also uses the book to explore issues such as empathy among humankind (a primary concern of the novel) and the brutal trauma of war. Sawyer is a pacifist at heart, and it’s refreshing to hear a voice advocating peace in a genre that often glorifies war.

Triggers is an action movie with a big science-fiction finish and an optimistic message.

Read the full interview and the entire review. Both the interview and the review are by Leo Graziani.

Photo by Leo Graziani

Triggers goes on sale two weeks from today, on April 3, 2012.
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