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Texas Public Radio interview

by Rob - May 8th, 2012.
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A fabulous 18-minute Texas Public Radio interivew with me about Triggers, conducted by the masterful Dan Skinner, is online here. Give it a listen!

Texas Public Radio describes the interview thusly:

When you talk about finding your soul mate, quantum entanglement is probably something you didn’t think about when searching for that individual who would “complete” you. But in the science fiction novel Triggers, by Robert J. Sawyer, the notion of quantum entanglement plays a role in the story. President Jerrison is delivering a speech when he is shot.

He’s taken to a hospital where coincidentally a research doctor is experimenting with a medical device that could possibly erase traumatic memories. A terrorist bomb goes off near the hospital scrambling the medical device’s electronic pulses causing several patients to share memories, including the President’s, whose memories include information about a secret military operation. The task then becomes finding out who has shared the President’s memories, but in doing so medical ethics and other issues come into question.

Sawyer also talks with Skinner about the science behind the novel including theories about memories and how an individual recollects them. Robert J. Sawyer is a Hugo and Nebula Science Fiction writer award winner. More about Triggers and Sawyer’s other science fiction novels is online at

Robert J. Sawyer online:

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