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I’m a busy man, folks …

by Rob - September 19th, 2006.
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So far this month, I’ve been asked to:

* judge a contest — results needed the following week

* write a newspaper piece about the 40th anniversary of STAR TREK — deadline two days later

* write up answers to questions posed by a foreign publisher for an interview to coincide with the release of one of my books in that language — responses needed in 48 hours

* agree to give a free public lecture on a specific date six weeks from now to help support a cause.

Sorry, folks. I had to say no to all of these. My schedule is packed with things that were booked many months in advance. I’m usually a soft touch to say yes, but the contest has known for many months that it’d need judges; the foreign publisher knew for many months that my book was about to come out; we’ve actually known for forty years now when the 40th anniversary of STAR TREK was going to be; and as you can see by glancing at my upcoming appearance calendar, I book most most appearances many months (and often over a year) in advance.

If you want something of me, please, please, please ask as early as you can. I want to say yes to you; I really do.


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