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Chicago Manual of Style online and CD-ROM

by Rob - September 28th, 2006.
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For decades, The Chicago Manual of Style has been the arbiter of how text is presented on the published page. Finally, there’s an online version (by subscription — US$25 a year if you sign up before the end of the month, US$30 a year after that) and a CD-ROM version, which, I’ll note, is much cheaper from (in Canada) than it is from, for some reason.

Anyway, some writers are indifferent to the sorts of niceties CMS deals with, but I find them endlessly fascinating (which is one of the reasons I put together Notes for the Copyeditor for my novels).

You can get a free trial of the new CMS Online here, and searching on “Chicago Manual of Style CD-ROM” will bring you to the and listings for it.

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