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Remembering the 1993 Books in Canada SF issue

by Rob - February 21st, 2013.
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Twenty years ago, the March 1993 issue of Books in Canada — at the time, an influential book-review magazine, although long defunct now — devoted a special issue to science fiction. It was a watershed moment in Canadian SF&F — some of the first serious consideration the field got by the mainstream press here. For that issue, two decades past, Andrew Weiner — journalist and then-frequent F&SF and Asimov’s contributor — profiled me. Here’s what he had to say: Books in Canada.

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  1. Rob:

    Thanks for recalling the interview. It reads well. Fighting the good fight even then! I will quote Spider Robinson’s prescient remark (about RJS as a corporation!) in my next quote book. In fact, I am giving some thought to creating section for “Robert J. Sawyer,” not just including the quip under “Writing” or “Science Fiction.” I will read your Recent Posts for other quotes and quips. Always open to suggestions.


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