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VCon a success

by Rob - October 11th, 2006.
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VCon in Vancouver was lots of fun. Not a particularly large convention, but very well run with lots of really first-rate programming. It was a joy to see FRIENDS AND colleagues including Bonnie Jean Mah, Walter from White Dwarf Books, Alma Alexander and Deck Deckert, Ed Willett (launching his first novel from DAW), Rhea Rose (whom I published in Tesseracts 6), Matt Hughes (whose novel The Commons I will publish next year), artist Jim Beveridge, Diane Walton and Danica LeBlanc from On Spec, the gang from Neo-Opsis, Shoshana Glick, Brian and Anita Hades from Edge, and more.

Next year’s VCon — number 32 — promises to be extra-special. For one thing, it’ll be the Canvention — the Canadian national SF convention, where the Auroras will be presented. For another, programming will be run by the wonderful Rowan Sawyer, who would be terrific even if we didn’t share a last name. :)

After VCon, it was a 13-hour overnight car drive with Fan GoH Randy McCharles to Calgary — exhausting, but actually rather pleasant. And now I am in Calgary, gearing up for the Write-Off writing retreat being held by the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association (IFWA) starting on Friday. As always, busy times …

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