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The effect Star Trek had on my life

by Rob - December 3rd, 2006.
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No big deal, but I was playing around a bit with Yahoo! Answers, to see if it might be a substitute for the defunct Google Answers (it’s not; it’s a quite different beast, although interesting in its own right). And in the process of testing it, I answered the question: “What effect, if any, has the original Star Trek series had on your life?” And the asker of the question ranked mine as the best answer. I said:

It made me decide to become a science-fiction writer (which is what I now do for a living):

More, though: it taught me tolerance, that it is cool to be a pacifist, and that you should apologize when you’re wrong. I mean this in all sincerity: I’m a better person because of that show, and I think that’s true for a lot of us who grew up with it (I was six when it debuted).

All the other answers are here (scroll down past mine).

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