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My students and the Auroras

by Rob - December 14th, 2014.
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I am thrilled and amazed to note that every single winner of Canada’s Aurora Award for Best Short Story of the Year between 2003 and 2014 (twelve years) was either (cough, cough) me or one of my writing students — with only one exception, and that exception was in a writing critique group with me:

2003: Robert J. Sawyer

2004: Douglas Smith (my student at Ryerson)

2005: Isaac Szpindel (Ryerson)

2006: Derwin Mak (Ryerson)

2007: Robert J. Sawyer

2008: Hayden Trenholm (IFWA)

2009: Randy McCharles (Banff)

2010: Eileen Bell (Banff)

2011: Hayden Trenholm (IFWA)

2012: Suzanne Church (in my critique group)

2013: Douglas Smith (Ryerson)

2014: Ryan McFadden (Banff)

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