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Bringing my RCA REB1100 back to life

by Rob - December 23rd, 2006.
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My RCA REB1100 (REB-1100, REB 1100) eBook reading device succumbed yesterday to the dreaded grid of death: a condition in which the internal flash ROM is corrupted, and the device won’t do anything.

After googling around, and an hour or two of trial-and-error on my own, I managed to get the device working again, including getting it to recognize its old serial number and eBook ID, something, as far as I can tell, no one has ever managed before.

I wrote up the procedure for the REB1100 groups on Yahoo!, and thought I’d post a link to it here. Since Google does a good job of including my blog in its search results, I’m hoping others who need the advice will find this posting, and follow this link to the Yahoo! Groups REB1100 files group, where I outline the fix that worked for me in detail.

Incidentally, I’m rather fond of this five-year-old eBook-reading device (and tons of content is still available for it at

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