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by Rob - December 27th, 2006.
Filed under: TV.

I’ve watched three episodes now of Stacked, the short-lived Fox sitcom starring Pamela Anderson as an unlikely bookstore clerk, and, you know what? It’s charming, funny, cute, clever, and intelligent.

The show’s characters include a failed novelist, and a physics professor (played by Taxi‘s Christopher Lloyd), and the setting is a lovely little independent bookshop. As someone who writes, and as someone who used to work in a bookstore, I’m actually really enjoying this — and so is Carolyn, so you can be sure it’s not just Pammy that this has going for it.

The creator and head writer is Steven Levitan, who created Just Shoot Me and wrote four episodes of Frasier. The whole series — the 14 episodes that aired, plus 5 more that never did — is now out on DVD. Remember, if you dismiss it at a glance, you’re simply judging a book by its cover … and we all know that’s not fair. :)

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