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Some things I got for Christmas

by Rob - December 28th, 2006.
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It was a nice Christmas this year. It was Carolyn and my turn to host the Sawyer family get-together.

Among the goodies I found under the tree:

* The first new series of Doctor Who on DVD

* The second season of The Simpsons on DVD

* The book The Trouble with Physics by my friend Lee Smolin

* The novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

* A Chapters / Indigo gift card that is going to become the Season 2.0 and 2.5 DVDs of Battlestar Galactica

* A 2007 daily Scrabble calendar

* A gift certificate for Swiss Chalet, my favourite barbecue-chicken restaurant chain

* A lovely new sweater.

I’m a lucky man. :)

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