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Four rules for life

by Rob - January 12th, 2015.
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Four rules for living a better and happier life that seem sensible to me:

  • Make amends

  • Accept apologies

  • Don’t discard people

  • Care

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1 Response to Four rules for life

  1. Thank you for sharing these Rob.

    My immediate reaction was the first three were reactionary, after the fact things to do which didn’t feel like they fit the “living better and happier” introduction. So many of the platitudes we encounter re: “a good life” deal with the life that is ahead of us, the life we have yet to lead, and are wishful things. Which, admittedly for many of us, are never fulfilled.

    With some reflection, I like these rules. They are concrete, legitimate, present things we can do that will have an immediate change to our relationships with others.

    Be Kind to One Another.

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