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Evernote web with less eyestrain

by Rob - February 28th, 2015.
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I use various versions of Evernote (Windows, web, iPhone, iPad) for organizing my research materials. The iPhone and iPad versions are very pleasant to use, but both the Windows client and the web version have glaring white backgrounds, which are uncomfortable to read. I haven’t found a solution for the actual Windows client that you install on your own computer, but I have worked out a fix for the web-based version:

I use Firefox with the Stylish add-on (which I believe is available for other browsers, too), but was surprised to find that no one had written a style sheet to override Evernote’s default note and note-snippet background colors so that they weren’t so blaringly white.

I’m no expert on style sheets (I’m a novelist!), but building on one by Kairi KameoI found at user, I cobbled together one that has a soft green background for those elements (which you can easily change to whatever background color you yourself might prefer).

My attempt is a first step; I welcome additions / modifications / improvements! You can get my style sheet here.

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