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Evolving God: interesting title

by Rob - January 14th, 2007.
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Barbara J. King is just about to come out with a book entitled Evolving God. As it happens, that particular title wording was one of the working titles I used for my own novel Calculating God, as you can see here.

Why did I change it, given that it was apt? Because if your eye runs over it quickly, Evolving God can look like Loving God.

Dr. King’s book is about the scientific origins of religious belief, which, as anyone who has read Hybrids knows, is a particular interest of mine.

By the way. Carolyn and I listened to a wonderful anthropology course by Dr. King a while ago from The Teaching Company — in fact, earlier we’d listened to and very favourably rated her audition lecture for The Teaching Company (which has customers review potential new courses).

Dr. King’s book comes out on Tuesday; I’ve got it on pre-order from Amazon.

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