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by Rob - January 23rd, 2007.
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To my surprise, I’m mentioned in a column by Robert Fulford in today’s National Post newspaper here in Canada. It’s about writers who have had work rejected, and he cites me and Ursula K. LeGuin, among others:

Robert J. Sawyer, the highly successful Canadian science-fiction writer, recently noted that he has 142 rejection slips in his file. He usually puts a rejected story right back in the mail, on the same day, sending it off to another magazine. One story was rejected 18 times. On the 19th submission it found a good home and within days after publication was chosen for an anthology.

The story of mine he’s referring to, by the way, is “Lost in the Mail,” still one of my favourites. Fictionwise has it here on their RJS page, and I say a few words about it here, in a comment written at the time it was a finalist for the Aurora Award.

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