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Remembering Pat York ten years on

by Rob - May 21st, 2015.
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Ten years ago today, on 21 May 2005, Pat York — SF-writing colleague and friend — was killed in a car crash at the age of 57. She was a mainstay of SF conventions in this part of the world, a Nebula Award finalist, and twice a Writers of the Future Award finalist.

The SFWA obituary is here and, back then, in my Yahoo Groups newsgroup, Herb Kauderer‚Äč wrote this tribute:

I got the phone call last night that Pat York died in a car crash. She was 57.

Her science fiction appeared here and there over the last decade, including one of the Full Spectrum anthologies, and Realms of Fantasy Magazine. Two of her stories, “Cool Zone” and “Lustman” barely missed the final ballot for the Nebula Award.

Last Saturday some area professionals were at a gathering at fantasy author Will McDermott’s and Pat was there full of energy. She spoke of enjoying her early retirement last year from her teaching job. She had been doing more critical writing in the last year.

The group had a deep conversation about the nature of love and romantic love, and Pat’s natural curiosity came shining through. She was especially interested in the emotional details of starting over, partly because she had never had her butterflies fluttered by anyone but her husband, and she couldn’t imagine being without him.

And now Pat is gone while her husband remains.

Tonight, after the shock has subsided a little, I will turn down another glass for an absent friend, and make her live in memory again.


Continue to R.I.P., Pat. We miss you.
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