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Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer sucks

by Rob - January 24th, 2007.
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These bastards suck. If you sign up, your email box will get flooded with messages — not from long-lost friends, but from the service itself trying to get more money out of you.

And then, just when you think you’re finally done with the sons of bitches, they send you one of these, with no advance warning at all, stealing another US$59 out of your pocket:

Thank you for your renewal! As you requested, your Classmates Gold membership was automatically renewed on January 24, 2007. The credit card on file for your account was billed US$59 for another 2 years of membership without interruption of your Gold member status.

I signed up because I was organizing a reunion two years ago, but being involved with was of negligible help.

My recommendation is to stay away from this service. And, hey, to any entrepreneur out there, you want to find the next big business niche for a social-networking site? Make a replacement for that’s fun, free to end users, and easy to use. Classmates is awkward, rapacious, and won’t even let you post or access email addresses — everything must go through them. Bastards.

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