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A little email advice

by Rob - February 4th, 2007.
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A few months ago I groused about having missed out on a friend’s 50th birthday party because the invitation came with a spam-like subject line of “TOP SECRET!!!!”

Well, today I got a important email that actually had the word “SPAM” in the subject line (saying “this is not SPAM”), and just now I received one of the several emails I get each week that have no subject line at all (this one was from a student).

I get a lot of email, and I try to respond to it all in a polite and timely fashion. Just as simple professionalism is the best way to make a manuscript submission, a simple, direct subject line is the best way to package your email. Otherwise, please don’t be mad if you don’t get a response; I probably didn’t even see your message before one of my spam filters swept it away. Thanks!

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