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Book dedicated to Tom Jericho

by Rob - December 25th, 2015.
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So, this kind of made my year. One of the definitive texts in vertebrate paleontology is The Complete Dinosaur, edited by Michael K. Brett-Surman, Thomas Holtz​, and James O. Farlow. And the second edition is dedicated in part to Thomas Jericho, the fictional paleontologist who is the main character in my 2000 Hugo Award-nominated novel Calculating God. The full dedication reads (all the others named were real paleontologists):

This second edition is dedicated to our colleagues,

Halszka Osmólska
John H. Ostrom
John S. McIntosh
W. A. S. Sarjeant
Edwin Colbert
Tobe Wilkins
Jim Adams
Robin Reid
Donna Engard
Thomas Jericho

You advanced our science. You made a difference.

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  1. And, of course, W. A. S. Sarjeant is William Anthony Swithin Sarjeant, my old pal from Saskatoon, the late Bill Sarjeant, whom I wrote about here.

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