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Kindle editions!

by Rob - February 28th, 2017.
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Eight of my backlist titles are now available worldwide for Kindle: Aurora Award-winner Golden Fleece, Seiun Award-winner End of an Era, Hugo Award-finalists Starplex, Frameshift, and Factoring Humanity, plus my full “Quintaglio Ascension” trilogy of Far-Seer, Fossil Hunter, and Foreigner.

Just put “SFWRITER.COM” into the Amazon to find them all, or use these links:

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  1. Hi Rob, having come across one of your older posts ( and the related “A Bright Idea for Atheists”), I can’t resist to voice an opinion, even this much belatedly. I wholeheartedly agree with most of your points, and also feel sad by the general perception of atheists by theists. I even agree with you that atheists themselves might have brought it on to themselves to a degree. Where I beg to differ is the condemnation of atheists for being somewhat aloof or stern in their philosophy towards theists. Theism, in all its myriad incarnations, has done a whole lot worse throughout the ages, up to this very day, in the 21st Century, no less. High and low representatives of religions of all kinds have done a lot worse than lacking sweet words towards the “others”. As much as I thank my good fortune every day for being alive here and now (Ottawa, 20th/21st Century), I can hardly escape the haunting thoughts of the horrors religion has done for millenia. In any modern-day court those attrocities would not be met by kind words. For that reason alone atheists should be forgiven for being stern occasionally. Of course, the best way forward is civility and friendliness, and I am with you.

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