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Centre for Inquiry talk

by Rob - March 11th, 2007.
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After the talk at McMaster, I scooted back to Toronto and gave another talk: I was the final speaker on a program of 20 (!) speakers at the grand opening of the Centre for Inquiry Ontario.

I was quite honoured to be given the final slot, and I think I shook things up a bit. As it happens, yesterday I was contacted by the op-ed editor for The Ottawa Citizen (the largest circulation newspaper in Canada’s capital city) to ask if I wanted to do another op-ed piece for them — and so I sold him on the idea of running an expanded version of my speech. I’ll post a link here when it’s available on-line.

By the way, see the photo of me on the wall behind me? That’s part of the Centre’s display of (cough, cough) famous Canadian freethinkers. Cool!

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