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What my Patreon patrons got in January 2022

by Rob - January 31st, 2022.
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Here’s what my US$3-and-up patrons got on Patreon in January 2022:

  • Video: my TEDx talk “To Live Forever — Or Die Trying”

  • Audio: the first of three hour-long episodes of “Other Worlds, Other Minds: A Science Fiction Odyssey,” a documentary series I wrote and narrated in 1985 featuring in this episode interviews with Spider Robinson, Isaac Asimov, Shawna McCarthy, Samuel R. Delany, Jon Lomberg, Gardner Dozois, Stanley Schmidt, and Judith Merril

  • The draft synopsis and the draft brainstorming outline for my 26th novel — the one I’m just starting

  • An essay on my love affair with ebooks

  • Correspondence between me and my producer on The Downloaded

  • A discussion of AI companions, including Replika

  • Thoughts on which writers my work is in conversation with

  • A look at the nonfiction books I’m currently reading for my next project

  • A letter to my New York agent

  • A letter to my Hollywood manager and his reply

  • A comparison of my bio notes from the 30th- and forthcoming 50th-anniversary editions of The Bakka Anthology

  • Candid notes about my experiment in Facebook advertising

  • Audio: my talk on “Astronomy and Science Fiction” for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Vancouver Centre

For access to all this, plus everything from beforehand, and the goodies coming up next month, why not become one of my patrons?

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