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My new novel is out now!

by Rob - October 26th, 2023.
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My new novel is out now!

Got an Audible account? The Downloaded, the twenty-fifth novel by Hugo Award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer, came out today in a six-month exclusive window as an audiobook on Audible—and it’s FREE to anyone who has an Audible account! It’s part of the Audible Plus catalogue and therefore doesn’t require an Audible audiobook credit to add to your library. Grab it here:

* US:

* Canada:

* UK:

* And in Audible markets around the world! (There’s also a French-language version!)

Yes, The Downloaded will be out in print and ebook forms, but not until May 7, 2024 (once Audible’s exclusivity period ends), but you can hear the whole novel right now for free on Audible!

What’s more, we have an absolute dream team of narrators for this audiobook; Audible has spared no expense! The Downloaded is narrated by Academy Award-winner Brendan Fraser, Emmy Award-winner Luke Kirby, Dora Mavor Moore Award-winning Broadway actress Vanessa Sears, Kim’s Convenience star Andrew Phung, and Gemini Award-winner and Canadian theatre legend Colm Feore.

Here’s what it’s about:

In 2059 two very different groups have their minds uploaded into a quantum computer in Waterloo, Ontario. One group consists of astronauts preparing for Earth’s first interstellar voyage. The other? Convicted murderers, serving their sentences in a virtual-reality prison. But when disaster strikes, the astronauts and the prisoners must download back into physical reality and find a way to work together to save Earth from destruction …

Check out the behind-the-scenes video with Brendan Fraser, Luke Kirby, and Robert J. Sawyer:

The Downloaded absolutely sizzles with fascinating ideas.” —Robert Charles Wilson, Hugo Award-winning author of Spin

“A wicked-smart thrill ride from start to finish. I loved it.” —Sylvain Neuvel, bestselling author of A History of What Comes Next

The Downloaded is a wonderful demonstration of Sawyer’s deep understanding of—and compassion for—people. It’s a rare and potent humanity that elevates his work high above the rest.” —Julie E. Czerneda, Aurora Award-winning author of To Each This World

“InThe Downloaded, Sawyer proves he’s not just a master at using science fiction to address social issues but also a master at portraying diverse characters.” —James Alan Gardner, Theodore Sturgeon Award-winning author of Commitment Hour

“One of the best SF novels I’ve read in years.” —Allen Steele, Hugo Award-winning author of Coyote

If you’re in Canada, you might see or hear the national TV and radio advertising Audible is doing for The Downloaded. They have been fabulous to work with and are treating The Downloaded as a major release for them.

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