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by Rob - May 25th, 2007.
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The fourth and final phase of the Rollback book tour is coming to an end; this was the by-plane in the USA part. Last weekend, I was in Denver, and this weekend I’m in Orlando, Florida — where the weather is gorgeous!

I’m one of the Guests of Honor at Oasis 20, the annual SF convention here. We just had a wonderful two-hour buffet lunch with Michael Bishop and his wife Jeri (joined for part of it by Mike Resnick), and I’ve already signed a bunch of books. So, yay!

Yesterday, Carolyn and I went to EPCOT at DisneyWorld; it was a letdown — my favorite pavillion there, “The Living Seas,” formerly sponsored by United Technologies, was one of the best, if not the best, indoor aquarium I’d ever seen … but most of the tanks are gone, replaced with — I kid you not — big-screen TVs showing characters from Finding Nemo. Ugh. We did do the Mission to Mars space simulator, which really did feel like multiple-G acceleration (simulated by spinning the simulator, although you have no sense that it’s spinning, only that you’re being press down upon by a great weight). It upset my stomach, I must say, but Carolyn loved it.

Anyway, must head back to the con!

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