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The Davis Enterprise loves Rollback

by Rob - June 17th, 2007.
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The Davis Enterprise is the newspaper in Davis, California. On May 17, 2007 (although I only just found out about it today), the paper reviewed my Rollback; the reviewer was Kristin Gray, and here’s some of what she had to say:

Whenever I hear the adage that science fiction one day will become science fact, I think of Sawyer’s novels. He explores the hard science behind some of our most sought-after advances, and he also discusses what they’ll do to our psyches and morals. …

[In Rollback] heavy issues are wrapped up in a story that is so poignant that I found myself in tears. I admire Sawyer for not feeding us any easy answers, because there really aren’t any. Touching and thought-provoking, Rollback has become one of my favorite science fiction novels. It educates and enlightens, and it just might make you think as well.

Sawyer has written another classic.

The full review is here

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