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Pierre Berton’s History for Young Canadians

by Rob - July 21st, 2007.
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Aww, those nice people at Fitzhenry & Whiteside!

Pat O’Neill, the sales manager for Canadian publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside, has sent a donation of four books by Pierre Berton to Berton House; all were published by Fifth House of Calgary, a Fitzhenry & Whiteside company, and are in the series “Pierre Berton’s History for Young Canadians.” (I edit the science-fiction imprint for Fitzhenry & Whiteside, and when Pat heard I was going up here, she sent these along as a gift to Berton House.) The books are these (and I must say, they’re lovely):

The Great Klondike Gold Rush
Foreword by Ken McGoogan
(Ken is a Berton House alumnus)

Canada Moves West
Foreword by Arthur Slade

Exploring the Frozen North
Foreword by Eric Wilson
(Eric is a Berton House alumnus)

The Battles of the War of 1812
Foreword by Charlotte Grey

I’ve added them to the bookcase in the living room here (I’ve also added a copy of my own Rollback to the shelf of books by writers who have stayed at Berton House).

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