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WordStar connections

by Rob - December 31st, 2005.
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To my absolute delight, I got an email this week from Seymour Rubinstein. He was the founder of software maker MicroPro International, and co-creator (with Rob Barnaby) of WordStar, the great old wordprocessing program (originally for the CP/M operating system, and later for MS-DOS).

To this day, I still use WordStar for DOS 7.0, Revision D (the last version, released 13 years ago this month); I find it much more efficient than Word. Seymour had run across this essay of mine about WordStar that’s been up on my website for years, and he liked it! Woohoo!

If that wasn’t enough for WordStar connections, I also just got an email from a librarian who used to work in tech support for MicroPro, asking me if I might be interested in doing a reading at his library in Indiana …

^KS forever!

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