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Klondike Poetry Round Robin

by Rob - September 25th, 2007.
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Last night (Monday, September 24, 2007), my lovely wife Carolyn Clink ran a poetry round robin at the Dawson Public Library here in the Yukon.

It was a wonderful event: about a dozen residents showed up (including Dan Davidson, the editor of the local paper, and Suzanne Saito, the Berton House liaison).

Carolyn read the first poem, and then they went around the circle with those who wanted to reading poems as well; they did three full turns around the circle — and Carolyn wrapped up by reading one of her best poems, “Cenotaphs.” A terrific way to spend our second-last night in Dawson.

Suzanne Saito, Dawne Mitchell, Carolyn Clink

Carolyn Clink

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