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We Love to Fly …

by Rob - September 29th, 2007.
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… and it shows!

After 91 days on the road — the longest road trip I’ve ever taken — Carolyn and are now back home safe and sound in Mississauga. Over the last three months, I made these flight:

1. Toronto to San Francisco (NASA Ames)
2. San Francisco to Vancouver
3. Vancouver to Whitehorse
4. Whitehorse to Dawson (Berton House)
5. Dawson to Whitehorse
6. Whitehorse to Vancouver
7. Vancouver to Beijing
8. Beijing to Chengdu (SF Festival)
9. Chengdu to Beijing (Beijing visit)
10. Beijing to Vancouver
11. Vancouver to Whitehorse
12. Whitehorse to Dawson (Berton House)
13. Dawson to Whitehorse
14. Whitehorse to Vancouver
15. Vancouver to Toronto (Toronto)

And, boy, are my arms tired!

Thank you, thank you! I’m here all week! But that’s all: my next trip, to Calgary for WordFest, begins in seven days. Gak!

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