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Brandon, Manitoba

by Rob - November 9th, 2007.
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I’ve been in Brandon, Manitoba (not to be confused with Benson, Arizon) the last couple of days.

Yesterday, I gave the keynote address to the Manitoba Public Libraries annual meeting — a spirited hour and fifteen minutes, with Q&A, about the future of libraries. I was quite provactive, and the librarians really seemed to enjoy it.

Both Fitzhenry & Whiteside and H.B. Fenn donated books: every table got a Robert J. Sawyer Books title, and Fenn donated a prize package of every book of mine they had in print. Plus the wholesale division of McNally Robinson was on hand, offering a show special 30% discount on copies of books by me, and books edited by me — sweet!

And in the evening, I gave the kick-off reading at WordsAlive, the first-even Brandon book festival. The reading space was great, with wonderful accoustics, and the local TV station was on hand, recording my reading (from Rollback, natch). All in all, a terrific trip!

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