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Star Trek vs. Star Wars on the CBC

by Rob - November 15th, 2007.
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Tomorrow morning, Friday, November 16, 2007, I’ll be on CBC Radio One’s flagship show Sounds Like Canada talking about Star Trek vs. Star Wars. I, of course, am a big advocate that Star Trek is the more significant work.

The producers have grabbed two sound clips from The Original Series of Trek at my request:

Clip 1: From “The Savage Curtain”: (about 1/3 of the way into the episode):

UHURA: Excuse me, Captain Kirk.

KIRK: Yes, Lieutenant.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: What a charming Negress — oh, forgive me, my dear! I know in my time some used that term as a description of property.

UHURA: But why should I object to that term, sir? In our century, we’ve learned not to fear words.

KIRK: May I present our communications officer, Lieutenant Uhura?

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: The foolishness of my century had me apologizing where no offense was given.

UHURA: We’ve each learned to be delighted with what we are.


Clip 2: From “Whom Gods Destroy” (almost 1/2 way into the episode):

“LORD” GARTH (insane megalomaniac): Galaxies surround us, limitless vistas! And yet the Federation would have us grub away like some ants on some somewhat larger than usual anthill. But I am not an insect! I am Master of the Universe, and I must claim my domain.

KIRK: I agree there was a time when war was necessary, and you were our greatest warrior. I studied your victory at Axanar when I was a cadet. It’s still required reading.

“LORD” GARTH: As well it should be.

KIRK: Very well. But my first visit to Axanar was as a new-fledged cadet on a peace mission.

“LORD” GARTH (contemptuous): Peace mission? Politicians and weaklings!

KIRK (stirringly): They were humanitarians and statesmen, and they had a dream — a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars, a dream that made Mr. Spock and me brothers.

“LORD” GARTH (incensed, sneering): Mr. Spock, do you consider Captain Kirk and yourself brothers?

SPOCK (measured): Captain Kirk speaks somewhat figuratively, and with undue emotion. However, what he says is logical, and I do, in fact, agree with it.

Of course, Don Halifax, the main character in my latest novel, Rollback, is a huge Star Trek fan …

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