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by Rob - November 26th, 2007.
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LosCon 34 in Los Angeles was wonderful — a really pleasant, really well-run convention. I particularly enjoyed spending time with David North Reynolds, the fan guest of honor — an archaeologist who has worked with Lucasfilm, and who shares my passion for The Land of the Lost (from which the still above comes).

Another highlight: the wonderful Writers of the Future dinner Saturday night, with Larry Niven, Todd McCaffrey, Serena and Tim Powers, Laura Brodian Freas, Jerry Pournelle’s son Alex, and others.

After the con ended last night, Carolyn and I headed off to a wonderful dinner party at the gorgeous Hollywood Hills home of producer Keri Selig and her husband, talent manager Keith Addis. Also on hand: my great buddy filmmaker Michael Lennick, screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs (who wrote Chocolat), actor Jeff Goldblum, and JPL scientist (and frequent movie science consultant) Rich Terrile. A truly terrific evening, with amazingly spirited discussions about global warming, SETI, politics, the future of artificial intelligence, the Mandelbrot set, the state of the film industry, and more.

Carolyn and I have one more day in Los Angeles, then it’s back to Toronto.

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