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Stargazing RJS-style: L.A. Photos

by Rob - November 28th, 2007.
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David S. Goyer, Robert J. Sawyer, Brannon Braga. David co-wrote Batman Begins; Brannon co-produced various Star Trek series; we had lunch at the wonderful Chateau Marmont … no special reason. :)

Keith Calder, Robert J. Sawyer, and Jessica Wu. Keith and Jessica are principals of Snoot FX, the company that has Rob’s Hugo-nominated “Identity Theft” under option.

Robert J. Sawyer, Barry R. Levin. Barry runs the world’s best rare-SF bookshop, and gave Rob the store’s Collectors Award for Most Collectable Author of the Year in 2004.

Robert J. Sawyer and Eric Greene, author of one of Rob’s favorite nonfiction books, Planet of the Apes as American Myth

Carolyn Clink, Robert J. Sawyer, Laura Frankos, and Harry Turtledove

Laura and Harry had Carolyn and me over for Thanksgiving dinner — yum!

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