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Writing "Lost in the Mail"

by Robert J. Sawyer

Copyright © 1996 by Robert J. Sawyer
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"Lost in the Mail" is a very special story to me. It's not autobiographical — although I can see how people giving it a cursory read might think that it is. Like Jacob Coin, I used to want to become a paleontologist. And, like him, I spent many years as a non-fiction writer. But Jacob is a sad man, and I am not. He decided not to pursue his dream, and instead settled into an uninteresting, uneventful life. Me, I did go after one of my dreams — being an SF writer. So, although Jacob isn't me, he is what I might have ended up being in another reality — and, of course, turning points and alternative realities are precisely what "Lost in the Mail" is about. I'm very pleased — and, frankly, a little surprised — that such a quiet, introspective, personal story has struck a responsive chord with so many people.

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