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Press Release
For Monday, January 6, 2003

Sequel to the Bestselling HOMINIDS

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Return to the Neanderthal Version of Earth!

[Humans] What if Neanderthals had survived to present day, and our kind of humans did not? That's the provocative premise of Robert J. Sawyer's fifteenth novel, HUMANS.

HUMANS is the second volume of the acclaimed Neanderthal Parallax trilogy that began with 2002's HOMINIDS — a book that the San Francisco Chronicle called one of the year's best. HUMANS will be in bookstores across North America in February 2003.

Sawyer's modern-day Neanderthals never developed any notion of God, religion, or an afterlife — a premise he draws from real paleoanthropological evidence.

Sawyer fully develops that premise, looking at the very contemporary question of the impact religion has on war and the willingness to commit terrorist acts.

Author Jack McDevitt says, "Sawyer takes on guns, religious assumptions, automobiles, and even the Big Bang in this highly entertaining tale of a (more or less) rational Outsider. The chapter at the Vietnam Wall should be required reading for anyone who wishes to sit in the Oval Office."

Humans will be the lead science-fiction hardcover for February 2003 from New York's Tor Books, the world's largest SF publisher. That same month, the prequel, Hominids, will be released in paperback.

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