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Robert J. Sawyer's Iterations

"Sawyer's stories are inventive, fresh, and wonderfully readable. This is an amazing collection of stories, and a worthy addition to any library's collection." — Canadian Book Review Annual

"These are stories to make you drunk on imagination; they're narcotics of science and philosophy. Yet they carry a resonance of Sawyer's deeper visions. He's concerned with man as man, with woman as woman, how we find ourselves in the universe, how as an individual and member of a race a man's fate is a product of his choices. These stories turn left and right, and then go down, twist up, unfold themselves inside out, make you peer beyond the looking-glass. This is Sawyer's Wonderland; those who normally disregard sci-fi (I used to be one of them) may be converted, gain an affinity for sheer speculation. And that's an idea that touches Sawyer's purpose: to remake ourselves simply by thinking differently." — FFWD: Calgary's News and Entertainment Weekly (read the complete review)

"His new collection of short stories Iterations gathers in one place all the pieces of him that you've come to know and love. Sawyer's enthusiasm for his homeland and the intentional nature with which he slips in geographical locations north of the border and other bits of Canada (I caught the name Terry Fox), is to realize that perhaps there is hope for Canadian nationalism and identity. But that's what makes Robert Sawyer so unique. In conclusion, do yourself a favor and make one less iteration out there because the universe where you don't have a copy of Iterations on your shelf is a sad place indeed." — SFRevu

"These excellent funny, sad, thought-provoking short stories prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one comes close to Robert J. Sawyer's ability to explore and present a collection of truly cool ideas." — Tanya Huff, author of Blood Price

"Abounding with innovations in plot, character and setting, Iterations is Sawyer's first collection of stories and a fair microcosm of his career." — The National Post

"Canada's leading sf author has been penning acclaimed novels and editing anthologies for years, but not until now has he produced a collection of his superlative, often award-winning, short stories. His fans will be gratified to find many of his favorite themes amply represented here, from evolution gone awry to sentient dinosaurs to the perilous loopholes created by quantum physics. Sawyer has a gift for casting jarringly original ideas in lucid, sharp-edged prose that mainstream-fiction as well as sf readers should appreciate." — Booklist

"Sawyer is a fundamentally human writer, at least as interested, in these stories, in emotional insight as he is in technology and cutting-edge scientific theory. All of the stories are rooted in strong characterization, with an immediate accessibility rarely found in short fiction." — Quill & Quire

"Sawyer evokes both the classic sense of wonder and the spirit of exploration ... and is capable of emotional subtlety and emotional impact." — New York Review of Science Fiction

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