Saturday, February 24, 2007

Unearthed: Unearth

Cleaning my home today, I stumbled across Volume One, Number One, of Unearth: The Magazine of Science Fiction Discoveries, dated Winter 1977 -- almost 30 years ago.

This magazine, which was edited by John M. Landsberg and Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz was, according to the editorial, "a market solely for writers who had not yet made a sale, where their work would not have to compete with that of established authors ... the only prozine to work exclusively with unpublished writers."

The front cover of this first issue says "Introducing" followed by these names:

Paul Di Filippo, Chris Dornan, K.W. MacAnn, Daniel C. Smith, Debra Thrall, and Danny Williams.

Now, I remember reading this magazine thirty years ago, and I surprised myself to find that I even remember some of the stories. What I hadn't remembered was Paul's biographical note at the back of the magazine:

"Paul Di Filippo has announced that he is leaving science fiction for greener pastures. He has vowed that 'Falling Expectations' is the last SF story he will ever write."

We're all very lucky that that did not turn out to be the case. :)

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