Monday, December 31, 2007

Database viewer for Palm

Besides writing in good old WordStar for DOS, I
also use a legacy program for maintaining my contacts database: I use Alpha Four for DOS version 1.1b (from 1990), which stores its data in the old dBase *.dbf format.

(I use it because WordStar can read data from .dbf files, and because it works well, and because I spent a lot of time many years ago creating forms and templates for it, which still do exactly what I need.)

Anyway, yesterday I found a very nice Palm database viewing/editing program that supports (among other formats) dBase *.dbf, and syncs the files between my Palm OS handheld (a Sony Clie TH55) and my Windows XP computer: Database Viewer Plus (or "DBViewerPlus") from Cellica. It works well, so I registered it.

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