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Just to prove I’m not clueless: see this weekend’s TV Jumble

by Rob - February 6th, 2010.
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TV Jumble by David L. Hoyt is a syndicated puzzle from Tribune Media Services, Inc., that appears in countless newspapers, including The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation paper.

This weekend’s jumble has, as the answer to its puzzle the name of a TV show I’m involved with. The cartoon illustration that’s part of the puzzle shows a woman watching a TV set and thinking, “I can picture myself watching this show in the future.” And beneath that it says:

Clue: This show is based on a Robert J. Sawyer novel published in 2000.

How cool is that!

Note that this is the TV Jumble dated 7 February 2010, which is tomorrow: that’s when it’ll be in most American newspapers; Canadian newspapers have their big weekend editions on Saturday, not Sunday. In The Toronto Star, it’s on the inside back cover of Star Week, the TV-listings section.

Thanks to my old pal Hugo-winning fanzine publisher Mike Glicksohn for alerting me to this.

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